Truly own and monetize data contributed in health research

Humine is on a mission to reach true equity in health research by empowering participants with functional ownership of their health data.

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Study Discoverability

Humine decreases the burden for participants to access studies and accelerates start-up/outreach efforts for sponsors through a one-stop study hub. Participants can explore a wide array of study opportunities to find those that they would meet the eligibility criteria for, learn about study aims, acknowledge the data to be collected, and understand their time commitment.

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Adherence-Based Compensation

We're passionate about applying the science of behavioral economics to drive engagement and collaborative research initiatives that enable participants to realize the value their data holds while understanding how it contributes in the development of life-improving and life-saving therapeutics.

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Data Collection and Linkage

Humine’s eConsent and high vendor integrability simplifies reliable longitudinal RWD and RCT participant data collection from a wide array sources including ePROs, EHRs, lab results, wearables, and PDC reports.

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Novel Blockchain Tokenization

Humine’s novel use of blockchain ensures the absolute highest fidelity of data privacy, integrity, and security while enabling functional data ownership for participants. Our approach solves source data verification, removes the possibility of participant re-identification, and generates an immutable audit trail of study-related records.

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For Participants

Humine provides a collaborative and equitable experience where you can accessibly join studies of interest, have true data ownership, and receive immediate cash compensation for your data contributions.

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For Researchers

Humine streamlines recruitment and reduces non-adherence in trials of any scale to help generate a remarkably higher yield of reliable and diverse data across several therapeutic areas.

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